Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I love the MTC!

HI! The MTC is so much fun! I love this place! So it's been a crazy week.  It hasn't even been a full week here yet but it feels like its been an eternity! I have learned so much. I don't remember much of this week because it was all so fast... But i do know that I LOVE my companion and district! My companion is Sister Williams from northern California and we have so much fun. She is really crazy and talkative like me! My district here is seriously like being with all of my best friends from another life. We always get distracted though. So one night we had something called "learning assessment" but we didn't know what it was and nobody told us. So we sat there and nobody came so instead we all stood in a circle and sang hymns for an hour. It was so fun!

Our branch president is great! His wife loves to give the sisters hugs and we love it! We miss hugs! Sister Williams and I were called to be the sister training leaders for our zone but all we really do is go to extra meetings and listen to the elders talk about ties.

So we teach people here in the MTC and they are either less active, non-members, or recent converts. We aren't allowed to know what our investigator's status is.  But our current investigator is Leah and I'm pretty sure she is a non-member. She has had a hard life and is having a really hard time right now and told us she hasn't felt the spirit in 8 years. She wouldn't let us share a message with her or teach her anything. She just wanted the company.

So we visited with Leah for a while and I noticed she had a guitar so I asked her to play. She did and it was awesome. I mentioned that I also played so she handed me her guitar and asked me to play something.  Now of course, being a missionary I can only play church songs but I have never played one single church song in my life on the guitar.  I have only played church songs on the piano.  So obviously I was very nervous.  But I said a little prayer to myself and I don't know how I did it but I was able to play and sing "I am a child of God" perfectly! IT WAS CRAZY!!!! So she asked me to play another.  I was nervous again but for some really strange reason I was able to play "Love One Another" and again, with no problem at all! So she asked me to play ANOTHER!!!! This time, with faith that I would be able to play another song that I never learned, I played "As Sisters in Zion" and Sister Williams sang with me. I know she felt the spirit. She loved that song and asked us to sing it again so we did. It was so amazing!  I know she felt the spirit and I cant wait to meet with her again! I LOVE THAT WOMAN!  Heavenly Father helps us do amazing things that are not in our comfort zone when we pray for help and have faith.

I have seen Alyssa several times but we don't have a picture together yet.  I will try to get one!  And I have several pictures but I can't figure out how to load them on this computer so I will try to send them next week.  I'm about to time out and then my session will end so goodbye and I love you all!!


Sister Kendall Park

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