Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Lord is my Shepard

With some of my favorite sassy ladies at the assisted living home.
Arlyss, Dora, Phyllis, and me.
HOLA. First let me just say, in the past week it went from -25 to 40 above! It feels like summer. No more coats, tights, scarves, and boots for us! I cannot believe how warm 30 degrees feels. It feels like 60 degrees. Kind of crazy!
New Mission Call
So with the mission boundaries switching around and everything we will be getting new mission calls so I will keep you posted and send you my new call when it comes.
Ice Fishing Fail
Last P-day all of the missionaries in my district went ice fishing and then bowling. Ice fishing was an adventure. We all walked on the lake since we can't drive mission vehicles out there and it was so cold and windy. A couple of the elders spent an hour and a half cutting a hole in the ice before we got there and they still hadn't gotten the ice cut all the way through. Finally we broke the ice and water started rushing up from the hole! There was three feet of ice that we broke. Now you can probably imagine how excited we were that we broke through three feet of ice.  So we tried fishing but we couldn't get the bait to go all the way down and sink. We put something down there to brake the rest of the hole and realized that the water was only four feet deep... Three feet of ice, and a foot of water. We didn't continue fishing obviously. Hahaha. It was so funny but sad. All that hard work for nothing!
Cookie Miracle
Guess what... I was seriously craving no bake cookies so I prayed that I would get some (missionaries pray for everything) and literally two days later we got some. I didn't even ask anyone for them or tell anyone that I was craving them. Heavenly Father watches out for His missionaries.  This sort of thing happens all the time!

Zone Training Meeting
It was a very busy week of contacting referrals and tracting and visiting people. A lot of our lessons fell through but we still used our time effectively and we feel very good about this past week. Especially because on Friday we had Zone Training Meeting. ZTM is a breath of fresh air and one of the highlights of the transfer. We are so far away from other sister missionaries so it is nice to see other girls once in a while.  Sister Haycock and I sang "Jesus, Savior, Pilot me" for the zone conference.
Two New Investigators
On saturday we had an AWESOME lesson! We went to see our investigator Randy and his friends were there.  His friends had to leave for a few minutes so while they were gone we talked to Randy about the Book of Mormon. His friends, Mark and Sarah, got back and Randy had to take a phone call. But Mark and Sarah sat right down and told us they were looking for a church and started asking questions. They told us they were planning on going to our church on Sunday so we taught them the whole restoration. They are so open and they understood it really well. They came to church with Randy yesterday and really liked it and told all the members, "see you next week!" The ward was great at fellowshipping. I love Mark and Sarah so much already!
Wren's Baptism
On Saturday we got to see little Wren be baptized. It was so good to be there and be part of it.  She and her mom, Kirsten, are both so amazing. I am so blessed to have watched how far they have come and how much their testimonies have grown.
Blessings in good times and not so good times
Sister Haycock and I had been a little stressed lately because the work has been slow and we didn't know what was going wrong.  But we realize that everything happens according to God's timing.  We are supposed to have the hard weeks sometimes because that is when Heavenly Father takes the time to teach us and help us grow.  The good weeks are great and we love them but that is not when we grow the most.  So we just need to remember to be just as thankful for hard times as we are for good times no matter how difficult that may be.  We have such a busy week this next week. Our schedule is filling up so fast and it has never been like this before. It took time and a LOT of hard work but it is all coming together now. I am very blessed that I was part of "pink washing" Bemidji so I could see it from the beginning and how far we have come. I am looking forward to seeing so many more miracles.
The Lord is My Shepherd
While on exchanges with Sister Woodbury we recorded "The Lord is my Shepherd".  I love this song, not just because of the beautiful music, but because it reminds us that the Lord is there to guide us during every moment of our lives.  I have learned this so much on my mission and I know I couldn't do His work without Him. 
This is the song recorded by Kendall and Sister Woodbury
Grams and Mac thank you so much for the letter and money. I am going to write you a letter tonight when I get home from p-day.  Love you!
Sister Park


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