Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Will of the Father

Hello Everybody!

We are in a big hurry so this will be a quick update:

Last week we taught "G" again. He is the Mexican guy we've been teaching.  He is doing great but struggles with reading the Book of Mormon so we focused a lot on reading scriptures this week. At the end of the lesson he said, "After you sisters leave, the first thing I will do is read the Book of Mormon and pray about it."  He is awesome.
"O" (the former Muslim) is still praying and working on accepting Christ.  It's so new to him that it will take him some time.  But he is doing well and I have seen the spirit touch him as he studies and prays.
"W" had his interview with President Anderson and it went very well. His baptism will be delayed for a little bit because he stilll needs two interviews with general authorities but he is willing to wait to be baptized.
We have another investigator named "A".  I don't think I mentioned her last week.  She is getting baptized next month.  She loves church so much that on Sunday she brought her Mom with her.  Turns out her Mom liked it a lot.  She was so impressed with Sacrament Meeting that she decided she wanted to stay for all three hours.  She said she was going to come back with Amy next week.
We also started teaching a guy named "J" last week.  He is from Mexico and came up to work in the oil fields.  We invited him to church on Sunday and he came! He sat there and listened and really seemed like he liked it so I was very surprised when he got up in the middle of it and just walked out.  What?!  We were confused because he didn't seem upset before that or anything.  Then he comes back about 15 minutes later.  He went and got his brother because he loved it so much he wanted his brother to be there too.
On Sunday I was given the opportunity to speak in church. I could choose my own topic so I chose submitting your will to the will of the Father. It is something I have been studying a lot lately. Christ was the best example of this. Everything he did was to do his Father's will.  He suffered Himself to be mocked, beaten, betrayed- all because it was part of His Father's will.

I have been trying to live this to the fullest on my mission.  There are times when it gets so hard to be a missionary.  Most of the day is challenging and every once in a while something happy happens.  But as missionaries we need to submit to Heavenly Father's will no matter what. 

When we go to church, why do we go? What is our reason? There are many reasons but is it because you want to do what Heavenly Father wants you to do? This is a question I have been pondering a lot.  It doesn't matter if we fit in at church or if the lessons pertain to us or not.  The point is that we are going because God has asked us to.  If we could all wake up every morning and ask "What is your will for me today?"  before doing anything else, we would go through our days with purpose.  It's easy for me to say this because my whole purpose is to do His will as a missionary.  But I know this principle can work in regular life too.
Sorry I have to be in such a hurry but I love you all so much! :)
Sister Park

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