Wednesday, May 6, 2015

After All We Can Do

Hello! Today was a great P-day.  We went to the Bismarck temple as a zone.  It was much needed and my testimony was strengthened.  As of last week, we are officially the North Dakota Bismarck Mission.

This past week was filled with many miracles again.  First, I need to give you a quick update on "M" in Bemidji.  He was baptized a few weeks ago and is doing amazing.  I got this update from Sister Haycock: "M is doing incredible. He was reading in the Book of Mormon this last week about Captain Moroni and as he did, he felt like the scriptures were talking about him and to him. He said he had never felt a connection like that before in his life. He felt like the scriptures were speaking directly to his heart and he couldn't get enough of it! He was seriously over the moon! He called and told us, the elders, his fellowshipper, a member of the bishopric, and R. Not to mention he is so so excited to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and his Patriarchal Blessing. His love of the Gospel is growing more and more every day."  I love hearing that about M.  There is nothing better than hearing a recent convert is doing so well.

This last week we had a lesson with our investigator, J, who works a lot and is hard to get in with. It was our second lesson with him. The night before, he read in the Book of Mormon for two hours. He read from 1 Nephi chapter 1 all the way to 1 Nephi chapter 17. And he understood it and loved it! He is going through a lot of trials right now and he said reading the Book of Mormon gave him lots of peace and answers he was looking for. We almost put him on date for baptism but he doesn't know his work schedule until two weeks in advance.  But he did say that this is something he wants and that he wants to feel this happy all the time.

Forty-five minutes after we left Bismarck today, W (the former FLDS) called us! A member of the Quorum of the Seventy called him and set up his interview for this Sunday.  He was so excited. It looks like he will be getting baptized soon. We are so happy for him.

Another miracle this week was when we had an appointment with our investigator, "K".  We prayed beforehand and felt very impressed that we should take a certain woman from the ward with us to the appointment.  When we got there, K answered the door and the member looked shocked and then pushed right past us and gave him a big hug.  Apparently they are long lost friends and we had no idea! He was her very first friend in Dickinson when she first moved here but then they completely lost touch.  K was so happy to see her and couldn't believe we felt impressed to invite her along.  He is even more interested in the gospel now and excited to continue his lessons. 

Many other small miracles happened this week as well.  There were struggles in the beginning.  I know that was by design.  Heavenly Father was preparing us to witness the miracles and recognize them through hard times and trials.  Some of these miracles were-- The members that took us to the temple had a hard time getting the truck to start this morning. They almost gave up but said a prayer and it started right up. We made it to the temple just in time. So many more miracles happened too!  Like when our phone had a very low battery and should have died but lasted during an important phone call.  Following the spirit and being able to set up appointments with hard to get in with Less-Actives, getting a new investigator from Phoenix right before dinner the other night, and many many other little tender mercies that show how much Heavenly Father values us and the work we are doing in Dickinson, North Dakota. 

Heavenly Father allowed us to experience trials first so that we could recognize the miracles and rejoice in them.  Instead of making everything easy on us He showed us that if we work hard and have faith we can accomplish great things.  1 Nephi chapter 7 is my favorite example of this: Nephi is bound with cords. Notice in his prayer he doesn't ask for Heavenly Father to get him out. He asked Heavenly Father to give him the STRENGTH to break through the cords and he did! He didn't just sit there until they magically fell off.  Instead, he prayed for strength, did all he could, and broke them himself. It's like grace. AFTER ALL WE CAN DO is when Christ comes to us. Our efforts aren't perfect and Christ helps us the rest of the way. He makes our burden light. I love this concept of grace and the enabling power of the atonement.

Aunt Tonya, thank you so much for the Easter card.   I know you sent it a long time ago but I'm finally getting all of my stuff.  Love you!

I love you all :)

Sister Park

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