Thursday, February 11, 2016

Population 177

Hello Friends and Family,

Somehow, the weeks are going by faster and faster. That is not a good thing for me, but it is for Kelly, who is getting baptized February 13! Just a couple weeks away. She is so excited about everything. Even the gospel library app. We brought a member who was showing her more things about it and she thought it was so cool and kept saying, "I am going to have so much fun with that later!" Who gets excited over the gospel library app? Kelly does! We went over the baptismal interview questions and she is solid. She is doing so good in reading, she is almost in Helaman and started reading in November. Her 9 year old daughter, Lakota, started reading it too and she reads it every day! Kelly is helping Lakota understand it better. It is so much fun to see their progression!

So here is a funny story. On Thursday we were weekly planning and we needed a break so we decided to go tract for an hour before lunch. Well we get in the car and start driving in beautiful Moorhead and Sister Richins said, "where do you want to tract?" I thought for a small moment and then said, "Felton." She looked at me kind of funny and said, "really? Felton? are you sure?" I said, "yes. let's go to Felton." A little background on Felton. It is a small town in our area. It is like 30 minutes away. We thought there would be a good 800 people there, right? Well, thirty minutes down the road we see a sign that says, "welcome to Felton, population 177." It only took a couple seconds to find the town. It is about four roads big. No stop lights, of course. At first I looked to my right and saw no town but that is because it is only big enough for the left side of the highway. Well we proceeded to tract almost the whole town and found nobody, not even a potential. We were so bummed, but we went to a gas station and got to talk to a man about the church! We taught him about prophets and what we do as missionaries. And, Sister Richins found Dr. Pepper made with real sugar so her day was made. 

By the way, we did finally eat lunch around 2 ish.  Sorry but this is all I have time to write today!

I love you all, have a beautiful week!

Love, sister park 

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