Monday, September 15, 2014

The Singing Sisters

Me and Paul Bunyan! You can hardly see me when I stand next to him!
Hello! It has been a great week! Mostly what we are doing right now is going and trying to visit and meet the less actives of the ward. Over half the ward is less active!  But we are working on it, don't worry!
Singing Sisters
Sister Springer and I are known as the singing sisters here in Bemidji and we sing for everyone!  We are both speaking and singing in church this Sunday too.Sister Springer and I received blessings of comfort and direction from the bishop of the Bemidji ward.  He told me that I would bring music into the ward and that I will be able to teach the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ through music. He also said that we will be blessed with safety and I will be able to know which places have the spirit and Sister Springer's said that she will be able to know the places which are dangerous! We are the first sisters in 7 years. My whole purpose of telling you that was to let you know that Sister Springer and I will be safe and watched over.  We were blessed to know which places to stay away from. And we have been super safe so far :)
(Here is Sister Park and Sister Springer singing "I Need Thee Every Hour")

Oh, we found THE BEST donut shop ever!  We eat lunch there a lot!  Here are some pictures of it!

Our investigator, "S", is ON DATE FOR BAPTISM! She is just the best! She loves the church and she totally knows its true and the spirit is so strong every time we visit her. So last night we asked her if she had prayed about a date to be baptized yet and she said she did but she didn't get an answer. So we kept talking about it and taught her a little bit about the Holy Ghost and prayer. And right then she said, "well I am just really feeling like December" and we sat there for a second in silence because the spirit was just INSANELY STRONG and so she jumped up super fast and ran to her calendar! She ran back and sat down and she said "December 13. Oh my gosh, Did I just choose a date? How did that happen?" It was so amazing. I know that she felt the spirit and for some reason it was telling her that December 13 was the right date... which is perfect because we still have a lot to teach her! She went to church yesterday though, and she told us that when she got home she just couldn't stop smiling! She is so awesome AND she is going to general conference in October! She is actually going to Utah to watch it! she got tickets!  Macy, I told her to find you! Tell me where your area is and she will go there! S is the best! She is a single Mom and we are going to do Family Home Evening with her tonight.
We have a less active member here who we visit sometimes. She turned 77 on Saturday so guess what we did! We made her 77 peanut butter cookies! 77 COOKIES!!! She was so happy! I love her to death!
We are in the Fargo, North Dakota Zone so I went on exchanges in Fargo last week. 
Here I am in Fargo!  I did my hair but it was windy!
Always Listen to the Spirit!
I learn something about 5 times a day every day! But something that really hit me this week happened with one of our investigators.  As missionaries, the spirit really does speak through us. So this investigator has been trying to quit smoking and it's been really tough for her.  She told us she was going to try again and we asked if we could take her cigarettes and she said NO! She wouldn't let us, yet she said she wanted to quit THAT NIGHT!  I said a quick prayer to myself and I felt a prompting so strongly that if she quit smoking that night, she would be able to quit for the rest of her life without relapsing if she would just give us her cigarettes! I knew and still know the truth of that. So I said "Kayla, I promise that if you quit smoking tonight and get rid of all your cigarettes right now, I promise you that everything will be okay. That you will be able to quit smoking tonight and for the rest of your life and that you will get baptized on September 27 and eventually take your family to the temple. I know that all of that can happen if you can make this commitment." I will be praying for her.  She is an amazing person!
Well that's all I remember from this last week! LOVE YOU ALL!
Happy Birthday today, Grandpa Wellman!  You're old!

Nevin!  Thanks so much for the letter!  I will write you back soon.


PS- by the way... You know how everything in Arizona is like English and Spanish language? and how in Canada it's English and French? Well here in Bemidji, its English and Chippewa indian!!! Isn't that the coolest? So yeah... I can say "women" in Chippewa. It's "ikewag" or something like that because its on all the bathroom doors here!

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