Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Come, Follow Me"

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Hello Fam!

Our Investigator Is Getting Baptized!
This week has been great... I have great news. So we went over to see our investigator "S" one day and she was all "Oh by the way I decided I want to get baptized next weekend." Just as casual as can be! SO S IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!! We are so excited and so is she! She is so ready to be baptized! 

Another Cool Story
Something cool though happened this week..
We went on splits with the relief society presidency on Wednesday and Sister Anderson (a spunky lady in the ward) and I went to visit a less active lady in the hospital. Well when we got there she wasn't there because they moved her! So we went to go to the place where we thought they moved her and that's when we ran into a sweet Catholic nurse named "R". 

Time for the back story on R:

A month ago, a lady in the ward, Linde Linde (Yes that's her name. She chose it herself) was in the hospital because she broke her shoulders. So we visited her and in came her nurse. She seemed pretty stand-offish at first like she wasn't very friendly at all. She saw our tags but ignored them, until Linde said, "These are the missionaries for the church that I go to."  R seemed to not be very interested still, but looked curious. Then she started asking questions and mentioning how she used to see the elders on their bikes all the time. Linde said "Relief Society (she explained what that was) is putting together a beauty night soon within the next couple of months if you want to come." R seemed very interested in that. She left the room with a big smile.
Linde later explained to us how R was always the not-so-nice nurse that nobody wanted but ever since she talked to us that day she has just been beaming and happy and smiling! R is actually one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met! So Linde got her number and told her she would call her about the beauty night!
(okay back to the normal story about Wednesday splits)

So we ran into R! she gave me a hug and seemed very excited to see me! We talked for a bit and then went on our way to the rehab center, where we thought our less active woman might be. well we get to the rehab center and the  front desk tells us that she is still in the hospital, just a different room! We could have went back to the hospital but I was prompted to just stay and visit Linde who is now in the rehab center. We got to her room and I told her all about how we saw R.  Linde said, "Rachelle would really benefit from the gospel. She has a five year old and works on an opposite schedule from her husband so they hardly get to see each other. They can barely make ends meet." When Linde said that I had a spiritual heart attack (Remember how I told you how I feel the spirit?)  Yes, so I know for certain that it is time to teach R.  She is waiting for the truth and we need to share it with her. So that's our next assignment! :) I'm so excited. We are going to start out by inviting her to the ward Trunk or Treat, and then we will take action and begin teaching her.
I know that we can all do our part in missionary work, just like Linde was doing by befriending and telling us about R. So family and friends, get to work!

"Come, Follow Me"
This week I have been studying a lot about the Savior and His perfect example. In Thomas S Monson's talk, "Ponder the Path of Thy Feet", he explains how it is "less important to walk where Jesus walked than it is to walk as He walked." I know that we can all follow the Savior's example of missionary work, charity, service, love, diligence, and humility.

Christ extends an invitation for us to follow Him. He says, "Come, Follow Me." I decided that I am going to have "quote of the week" that I focus on that helps me follow Christ's example. This week, the quote I chose is "Not my will, but Thine, be done." I chose it because, even though Christ is perfect, he still suffered for all of our sins to do His Father's will.  Surely, He didn't want to suffer but He did because it was in God's will for Him. It was what was best for the world and for His plan. It had to happen. Sometimes we get promptings to do things that we don't necessarily want to do. But just remember that Jesus Christ said, "Not my will, but Thine, be done," and we can say that too. We should strive to follow the path that we know our Heavenly Father would have us take, even when sometimes it isn't what we want or we feel it isn't in our best interest.

I love you all! 

Sister Park

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