Thursday, October 16, 2014

Be a Member Missionary

Hello Family!

I am getting more and more used to Minnesota!  In fact, I am practically an expert.  Ask me anything about it and I can tell you.  Here are some fun facts:

  1. They don't say "bag" in Minnesota.  They say "bayg".
  2. I can get to Canada from here faster than I can get to North Dakota.
  3. Not only can we walk on water, we can drive on water.  And live on water.  As long as it is 20 below we can go ice fishing.
  4. Bemidji State University has a place on campus where you can go clean your kill after you hunt.  True story.
  5. Walleye (local lake fish) and Wild Rice Soup are the most popular dishes in Bemidji.
Here is my message for this week:  BE A MEMBER MISSIONARY 24/7!  Pray for missionary opportunities.  The missionaries' job is to teach, not to find.  Really, it's the member's job to find and then give the missionaries referrals.  If you don't want the missionaries to tell the person it was you that sent them, ask them to go to their house with a tracting approach. 

We had a member promise us four referrals if I, alone, ate 10 donuts in one sitting. Well, missionaries love having people to teach so I ate 10 donuts!  Do that to Elder Kennedy.  Speaking of Elder Kennedy, tell him that the Mexican food here is terrible but the meat, potatoes, and soup make up for it!

I don't ever want to come home from my mission!  Life rocks.  I love my district.  I am 100% convinced that Minnesota is the prettiest state in the union.

Love you!

Sister Park

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