Monday, October 6, 2014

Knowing When the Spirit is Speaking to Us

Bemidji State Beavers.  Minnesota represent!
Helloooo (Minnesota o's)!

This week has been awesome! It was actually pretty slow though. The work was slow but it went by super fast! We spent most of this week doing service.  Service is one of the best ways to get the members or non-members to trust you and as missionaries, we need to build trust!  So even though tracting was unsuccessful and it snowed and none of the referrals we contacted were interested, it was fun! We went to our appointment with a new investigator but she wrote a note on the door, "sorry sisters, not interested" so we were really bummed.. so we called her and she said "oh yeah come back on Tuesday" so we're going back on Tuesday. I am confused but happy!
We had a guy, "J", call us wanting the lessons! HE called US! It was awesome so we set up an appointment and will go visit him.  
Our investigator "S" is getting married and baptized in December and she asked Sister Springer and I to be her bridesmaids.  I never thought I would be a bridesmaid on my mission!
How we feel the spirit as individuals
I have a cool experience to share. I had no idea how I feel the spirit and how to know when the spirit is speaking to me and I wanted to know. So I prayed and asked Heavenly Father, "how do I feel the spirit?" And my heart got really warm and started beating, not faster, just harder. But then I was like "Oh my goodness what if I'm just having heart problems and that isn't the spirit?" so I asked again and the same thing happened just harder this time! So I was about to get up and call 911. I thought I was having a heart attack so I asked one more time if that was the spirit and to show me how I feel the spirit... MY HEART STARTED BURNING!! I was like "OKAY I GET IT!!!" And so I told Heavenly Father that I understand and asked him if my heart could stop hurting now and so when I said "amen" my heart stopped hurting!  So that was cool!!! I encourage all who are reading this to, if they haven't or if they don't know, ask Heavenly Father how they feel the spirit. Heavenly Father will show you in that moment, if you have faith! And so when you feel that feeling again you know that's the spirit!
I really loved it and I was able to receive revelation for myself and for my investigators. Especially for "R"! He has a hard time recognizing answers to his prayers and he has a problem with having faith that he can receive answers... well thanks to Dieter F Uchtdorf I know what to talk to him about! It is just so amazing how inspired our prophet and apostles are when they speak. I know that they are servants of God. I love the church and I love conference! :)
Every Member a Missionary
Remember that you are all missionaries!  The missionary's job is to help the members fulfill their responsibility.  So members need to help the missionaries because the missionaries are helping them! or trying to!
Missionary work is a way of living that brings tremendous blessings. When you do the Lord's work, Heavenly Father opens the window to heaven and rains blessings and miracles on you!
Have a great week!
Sister Park

I'm already wearing a coat, scarf, mittens, and a hat.  Go Minnesota!

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