Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Musical Fireside, Heat Wave, and an Original Song

Right after the musical fireside.  We were so relieved
it was over and so happy it went so well!
This week was so busy! We have been working on the musical Christmas fireside for so long and it is finally over!  But it was AMAZING! The spirit was so strong. It was really hard trying to balance putting on a production (especially since sister springer and I were in charge of the whole thing. we got a lot of help though thanks to the amazing members :)), regular missionary work, and staying completely sane (I didn't, by the way!) It was pretty stressful but it turned out better than we thought it would. The church building was packed, more so than I have ever seen it! It was great to see that many people in the church building at one time. Many of the members invited friends and a lot ending up coming. We got to meet a lot of awesome people. A lot of less active members showed up as well. IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! The best part of all of it, though, was that we got to show the "He is the Gift" video at the end of the fireside on the projector. So many people were crying, including me of course. I think it is every missionary's dream to share "He is the Gift" to that many people at once in the same room and we did it. The ward thanked us for the fireside but we can never give enough thanks to them for all of their support. Thanks Bemidji Ward! You're the best!
With our favorite girls at the musical fireside
We had a heat wave in Minnesota last week
This is more normal
Yesterday we went to go do service at the food shelf in town. I was helping an older Native American woman bag her groceries and asked her what her favorite part of Christmas was. We started talking about her grandchildren and then she asked me, "Do you have any grandchildren?" Bless this lady's heart. She was dead serious. haha! I just casually told her that I am only nineteen... no big deal. She felt bad!  But then she asked if I am a student here at the college and I told her about how I am serving a full time mission and that I am from Arizona. She was so sad, she started to cry! She was so worried about how much my mom missed me.  I thought it was so sweet so I wanted to share that with you!
While we were at the food shelf, we decided we were hungry so we slipped out for a bit to go grab lunch close by.  And guess who we saw! Brother H!  He is so cool!  When he saw us he said, "Oh hey I was just about to call you sisters so I could buy you some lunch today!" It was a tender mercy to run into him there and we got to have a quick lesson with him too.  We talked about how prayer and scripture study are so important. He told us how he wasn't do as good at it this week and he noticed a big difference in his attitude and in how his days were going. It was neat to get to talk to him about that because it really was an eye opener for Sister Springer and me as well. We still read our scriptures last week every day but we noticed that our studies weren't as meaningful as they usually were because we were so busy with the fireside that we didn't make studying our number one priority. I realized I would have been less stressed and felt better about the fireside if I would have just focused on having meaningful study and to do it because I wanted to and not just because it is in the schedule. Like Brother H, I had to gain a true testimony of sincere prayer and scripture study.
Reading in our scriptures and talking with our Heavenly Father is literally a shield for temptation. Christ was able to perfectly resist temptation from Satan because He always talked with His Father, and He even resisted temptation by quoting scripture.  Christ is a perfect example. Another great example is Nephi. Nephi studied the scriptures and because of that, he was always able to stay worthy and become a great leader and prophet.  In this world we need as much protection as we can get from temptation and distractions.  Reading our scriptures and praying is like putting on the armor of God.  I challenge each of you to read your scriptures and pray sincerely every day and see if it makes a difference in how your day goes!
Brother H also wrote a song for me and Sister Springer.  Mom, if you got the lyrics in the mail already you can post it on the blog.
(here are the lyrics)
My Dear Sisters
by:  Brother H
The called me brother and extended me their hand,
Testified of our Savior's love and brought hope to me again.
My heart was melted as my defenses came tumbling down,
They touched my heart and helped turn my life around.
They touched my heart as the tears streamed down my face,
Tears of forgiveness full of love needing our Savior's grace,
My heart was melted as the walls came tumbling down,
They touched my heart and helped turn my life around.
They asked if they could sing one of m favorite hymns,
Angelic voices carrying love on a soft summer wind,
I felt the spirit, the spirit so very strong,
Our Savior's love carried beautifully in a song.
They keep calling me Brother and extending me their hands,
The finest missionaries our Savior could ever send,
Weekly teaching me the Savior's gospel plan.
As I strive to grow in grace and this time endure to the end,
Striving to grow in grace and endure to the end,
Grow in grace and endure to the end.
I love you all have a good week!
Sister Park

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