Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Minnesooota!
HELLO! thanks everyone for the christmas cards and gifts! I really appreciate getting things in the mail, as do all missionaries. :)

This past week has been great.  On Wednesday I went on exchanges in Grand Forks, North Dakota with Sister Woolsey and we tracted in zero degree weather. It was pretty sweet. My ears and feet were hurting so bad that I literally almost started crying. Nobody let us in but that is okay because meanwhile in Bemidji, while Sister Springer was here, we got a new investigator.  "B" is married to a less active member who cooks really good.  We are so excited to start teaching B more about the gospel.

Then on Friday we got another investigator.  "C" is a college student here in Bemidji and she sings opera. We shared the "He is the Gift" video with her and she said she would like to learn more about the church.  She is golden!

Later that night we went to a wedding for a less active member.  "M" got married to her boyfriend who she has lived with for twenty years. It was a small wedding in her living room and the only people were her husband's daughter, her son and daughter-in-law, Bishop and his wife, and sister springer and I. We felt so honored that she invited us. Bishop shared ":The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and the spirit was very strong. I am excited to continue visiting M and her husband.  He isn't a member of the church but we hope to begin teaching him soon.

This week is Christmas! I can't believe that it is here! ITS GOING TO BE THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!  Remember, this is your last week to share "He is the Gift", so please go share it with your family and friends who have not seen it yet. I promise that the impact of such a small video can be huge. You can invite people to watch the video, and invite them to learn more from the missionaries. The South Dakota Rapid City mission, along with others, have seen many miracles with "He is the Gift." Go and hashtag sharethegift! You never know who needs that message this time of year.  Christmas is a very happy and exciting time for lots of people but remember that it isn't that way for everyone.  There are so many people out there who don't have big happy families, a big meal to eat, or money to buy gifts.  There are lots of people who just lost a job, a house, or a loved one.  These people need to know that there is hope.  They need to know that Christmas is a joyous time, not because of parties, presents, and decorations, but because of the gift of God's only begotten son and what that means for them.  Share this miracle with someone who really needs it right now.  As for me and Sister Springer, on Christmas eve we are going to be tracting and sharing the gospel, and on Christmas day we are going to be tracting and sharing the gospel.  For people who are surrounded by family, they probably won't want to talk to us but for some people it will be a very lonely day and hopefully we can make them smile by sharing a message of hope and glad tidings.  :)

Here is a link for "He is the Gift" 

Thank you to Great-grandma Slade, GiGi, Aunt Tonya, Grams and Mac, Grandpa Herb and Terry, Grandma and Grandpa Wellman, Papa Rick and Laurie, the Poche family, the Eagar Stake Relief Society Presidency, and so many people here in Bemidji.  We are receiving mail every day and feel so blessed!

Love you all! Merry Christmas!

Sister Park

Here is a Christmas song by me and Sister Springer :)

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