Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Most Magical Christmas Ever

Hello and Happy New year!
Thank you everyone back home and in Bemidji for all the wonderful christmas cards and gifts!  It was a beautiful, warm, and tropical 20 degrees on Christmas but now we are back down to the negatives.  Right now it is -15 but don't worry because in a few hours it should warm up to about -7 for the high.  When it gets to -30 we will be required to stay inside.  But it hasn't gotten that cold yet!
So something cool happened just now.  The man sitting next to me at the library... like right now...well he was a stranger but I just turned him into a new investigator!  He saw my name tag and said that he thinks he is a member of our church.  I asked him when he got baptized and he said he never actually did...he didn't know he had to be baptized to be a member.  He reads the Book of Mormon and said that he thought if you read the Book of Mormon you became a member hahaha so I said "Well if you would like we can teach you so you can get baptized."  He said yes because he would like to become an actual member.  
On Christmas Eve we went to Kirsten's house for dinner.  We also had a district meeting/Christmas party earlier that day and I carried on the family tradition of having mexican food on Christmas Eve. I made enchiladas and they were so good!  On Christmas morning we went over to the Humphrey's for breakfast.  Sister Humphrey used her awesome talent to knit us each a scarf and a headband! She is the best! We got them real chocolate covered insects for christmas and they actually ate them so that was cool. 
We spent the rest of Christmas day trying to see as many people as we could. As Christmas was coming to an end and we were heading in for the night, we passed by a little house with its lights on. Sister Springer had a prompting that we needed to stop by, even though we didn't know who lived there and it was almost nine o'clock p.m.  But after she had said it, I felt the same prompting. We almost just went home so we could be in on time but we knew that we needed to go and see who was there.  We were supposed to meet and talk to someone in that house and we knew it.  We walked up to the house and noticed a sign in front, only to see that it wasn't just a house- it was an assisted living home. "Who in the world is going to be awake at nine at an assisted living home," I thought. But we followed the spirit and walked inside. The most reverent and content feeling came over me as we went in.  I knew that we needed to be there and that the spirit guided us.  There were only three people out in the main area right then-- an elderly man, an elderly women, and a woman in her fifties who worked there.  We weren't sure what our next step was supposed to be but were prompted to ask if we could sing "Silent Night" for them.  They looked sort of shocked but said yes. We sang and the feeling was overwhelming.  There is no doubt in my mind that angels were singing with us. The whole time I was just praying that these wonderful people would be able to feel the spirit and I know that they did. After we were done singing it was silent and reverent.  We could tell they felt it too and they thanked us. We shook the elderly man and woman's hands and hugged the lady that worked there. I really felt like I knew her from somewhere but I dont know why. She was just so familiar to me!  She asked us if we would please come back soon and we promised we would. The spirit was so strong and it was then that I realized that this experience is what Christmas is all about.  It also defines our purpose as missionaries so well.  Of course our goal is to preach the gospel and baptize but it is just as important that we remind Heavenly Father's children of his love for them.  For some reason that woman needed that message on Christmas night and I am so happy that Sister Springer listened to the prompting when she did.  I can't wait to go back and hopefully begin teaching this woman.  It was the most magical Christmas ever!
I hope everyone has a great rest of the Christmas season this week and I hope you are able to recognize miracles and to aknowledge the Savior during this time. Have a safe and happy new year too! Love you!
-Sister Park

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