Monday, March 23, 2015

Unshakeable Faith

Standing on Unshakeable Faith Lane
Hello everyone! It's been one heck of a week!  As for the weather forecast, its been just plain bipolar. Seriously. One day will be 40 and sunny and the next will be 20 and snowy. Either way, I hung up my coat for the winter and I am not getting it back out! I am free!

Yesterday our neighbor made cow neck and gave us some. It was surprisingly delicious.

And earlier in the week I got to see the northern lights as we were driving home one night! It was so beautiful! The next day there was a full on sun dog!  It is so amazing here.

This week, I have been thinking a lot about faith. Our investigator, M, struggles with faith. He is very sincere and wants to believe that the church is true. He asks a lot of questions and tries to test us sometimes but he always likes our answers. He loves coming to church too. A member family in the ward had our investigators, M, S, and R over for dinner and a lesson. Earlier that week we asked them all to each read a chapter in the Book of Mormon that we assigned to them. We asked M to read Alma 32. It would have been perfect for him to read...except he heard wrong and read Alma 2... We asked him how he liked his chapter and he said, "I don't get why you wanted me to read that chapter. It was all about war!" Seeing that M is a Navy veteran and struggles with faith because of his experiences in the military, it was an unfortunate mistake. We told him the chapter he was supposed to read and he recommitted to reading it. He wants to have faith and is trying to get there. It got me thinking a lot about my own faith. Faith is to HOPE for things which are not seen, but which are true. I have faith that the church is true. Sure, I don't have physical proof. But if I had physical proof I would not need faith.  Spiritual questions need spiritual answers. For a lot of people, the concept of faith is hard to understand. It takes a lot to believe other people and hope that what they are saying is true. That is why we have the Book of Mormon and prayer.  We never try to offer facts or actual proof that what we are teaching is true.  We don't need to.  Heavenly Father doesn't want us to be confused. He gives us just what we need to have faith in Him. When we read the Book of Mormon and pray with real intent, the Holy Ghost gives us the answer we need. 

I have faith that my investigators will come to find out for themselves that the Book of Mormon is true and that we have modern prophets today that receive revelation to help lead and guide us.

I love you all! Have an awesome week!

Sister Park

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