Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When a testimony is shared, a testimony is strengthened

I took this picture because it reminded me home- minus mountains. 
North Dakota is pretty flat!
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend. I am so sorry to hear what happened in Eagar. I will keep our little town in my thoughts and prayers.

Me and Sister Capson.  We work great together!
This week we found out that A, our investigator who was on date to be baptized over the weekend, told her mom about her baptism.  Well, she isn't 18 yet and didn't get her mom's permission first so her mom was caught off guard and told her not yet.  We were sad at first because we thought her mom already knew about it and gave A permission.  But it is actually better this way.  Now we are teaching A's mom too and she can take her time getting used to the idea of A joining the church.  A is not stressed out anymore now that her mom knows what she wants and even though it didn't happen this weekend, she will be baptized most likely in July.  She is just going to continue studying and will have an even stronger conversion to the gospel now.

We found a great new investigator last week. E is protestant but told us that he is very open to learning about our church so we went back yesterday to teach him the restoration. He asked some really good questions. After we taught about Joseph Smith's first vision he was amazed. We asked if he believed this could happen and he said, "absolutely." At that moment, he asked for a Book of Mormon and told us he was going to read it. He said, "I am very interested. I love the Mormon church. I attended once and it was the coolest church service I have been to. It was different in a good way. I was very impressed." E loves the organization and the teachings of the church and is excited to take the rest of the lessons. It is wonderful to have an investigator who is so enthusiastic to learn.

On Saturday we received the First Presidency's approval for W's baptism so that is planned for next Saturday. He has waited so patiently and now the day will finally come! I am so happy for him. I have truly come to love him. I feel so blessed to call the people I teach my friends.
Last week was our last zone conference with President Anderson.  In July we will get a new mission president.  I will miss President Anderson but also look forward to meeting President Hess.
In the past week, my testimony has been strengthened so much, especially my testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I was pondering my week and trying to figure out what happened that strengthened my testimony so much, and I realized it was because of all the opportunities I had to share it with others. Whether it was through street contacting, tracting, or just in lessons with investigators, sharing my testimony helped it to grow. That is something I have learned on my mission that I never realized before. Whenever a testimony is being shared, a testimony is being strengthened. This could mean someone else's or even your own. There are many opportunities to share our testimonies with others.  I have found that when I take these opportunities, I feel a stronger love for Jesus Christ and know even more that He is my Savior and Redeemer. 
Grams and Mac, thank you so much for the letter and for all the support you give me on my mission.  It means more than you know!

I love you all so much! Have a beautiful week.

Love, Sister Park

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