Sunday, June 21, 2015

"He Took their Little Children, One by One, and Blessed them."


This past week was wonderful! Since we have been in Dickinson, Sister Capson and I haven't reached above eight lessons per week but last week we had twelve lessons! We were so happy but are trying to stay humble so we will continue to be blessed and see  even more success in our area.
On Tuesday, I was on exchanges with Sister Broberg in my area. Almost all of our appointments fell through so we were able to tract a lot, and apply the finding portion of the training from Zone Training Meeting. We met a couple with an FLDS background like "W" (our investigator who was baptized a couple of weeks ago.) It is so interesting to teach FLDS people. I try not to get stressed out because I feel like they know more about church history than I do sometimes. They know most of the doctrine we teach but whether they are interested or not all depends on their testimonies of latter day prophets.  This couple would like to learn more to decide if they believe that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet called by God.  By the way, "W" is still doing amazing.  His testimony is stronger and stronger every time we see him. Last week after church he asked if he was allowed to go to both wards. So he has been going to all three hours with us and then going to gospel doctrine in the other ward. He is so amazing and I love how much faith he has and how simple his view is on all things that pertain to the gospel. I have learned a lot while teaching him. This week we had dinner with him at a member's home and they really adopted him.  All their kids just love him and look up to him like a big brother.

We were tracting this week and a wonderful older lady invited us in. Her name is "S" and that day happened to be her deceased husband's 80 th birthday so she was feeling very lonely.  She didn't become a new investigator but that's not why Heavenly Father sent us to her house that day.  She was feeling sad and lonely and wanted some listening ears and we were so happy to be the ones who showed up just to let her know that God is aware of her and loves her.  She also told us about her neighbor who could use some uplifting and asked us to go and visit her as well. It was definitely a cool experience.

Last week we also started teaching a less-active named "C".  He wasn't even on our list but we found out about him from an LDS man who works with him.  C's whole family has been baptized and his three kids are all grown but he has never been active in the church. One of his daughters is active and even served a mission. We stopped by last Sunday to visit with him and introduce ourselves and before we left he asked to be taught the lessons so he can actually find his own testimony. Heavenly Father led us to him at this time for a reason and it is because he is ready to come back to church now. I can't wait to be a part of helping him to grow and come unto Christ.

Teaching people is the most amazing experience because we get to feel Christ's love for them as we listen to them and hear their stories.  Feeling that much love for someone through the spirit is humbling and a reminder of how much Christ loves us too.  But nothing is more amazing than the love we feel while teaching young children.  We always hear of how much Christ loves children and to actually receive confirmation of that is an experience I can't describe.  We are teaching a couple of nine year olds right now whose parents are less active and haven't been to church in many years.  We are so blessed that they have allowed us to come into their homes to teach their kids.  I love teaching children. The spirit that they have in is so incredible. It is almost as if they literally glow when they talk about the gospel and why they want to be baptized.  It really melts my heart!  I was inspired to read 3 Nephi chapter 17 this morning.  In this chapter Christ blessed the children here in the Americas. It says, "He took their little children, one by one, and blessed them."  I think I was supposed to read that so I could get a small glimpse of how much the Savior loves these children we are teaching.  It also made me think of Jagger and Jersy and all my little cousins and how much I love them.

I love it here and I know I have to leave one day, but I do appreciate the time I have in Dickinson!  Transfers are next week... I hope I don't have to leave. 

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Wellman and Grams and Mac for the letters.  The mail is so slow here for some reason so sometimes things fall behind but I am getting them and I appreciate it so much! I love getting mail. It makes a hard day great, and a great day even better!

Happy birthday this Friday, Keli!

Happy Father's day this Sunday Dad, Jeremy, Grandpa Wellman, Grandpa Park, Grandpa Herb, Mac, Papa Rick, and all of my great grandfathers.  I am so blessed! 

Sister Park


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