Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pink Washing Round Three


The whole week has been a little bit overwhelming, as it usually is with transfers. I wasn't expecting to leave Dickinson and I miss it a lot; but Sidney is a great place and I know the work is going to be great here! This assignment is a little more challenging. The area book is really confusing... and well, sort of empty. So, we will start from scratch here!  We have started organizing and building up our area book so hopefully it will be in great shape soon. On top of that craziness, the elders that were here weren't currently teaching anyone at all. So it is like we are basically opening up the area. It is hard and requires a lot of finding and tracting, but Sister Miles is doing great with tracting so far. I don't think she likes it yet, but once we see fruits from it, I know she will. :)

Speaking of Sister Miles, she is doing so great. People seem to have a hard time believing that she is a new missionary, which is a good thing. She is a little hard on herself sometimes though. Her first door slam was hard on her, but I try to stay positive and it keeps her positive. She is having great studies in the morning and I am already learning so much from her. She has amazing insights. I think that is what I enjoy about training the most so far. She is so enthusiastic and fresh in the mission field and it brings a light to our companionship. Other people notice it as well. I love new missionaries for that reason. I am spoiled to be able to train her!

The work here is slow right now, but with faith and hard work, I know it will pick up. I am going to focus on expecting miracles this week. I know they will come if we allow them to. I have very high hopes for this new area. They haven't had sisters for a very long time. For about fifteen years. Yesterday at church we received nine referrals. Nine people, already, that they asked us to go visit. We were amazed. It almost felt wrong reporting that we got nine referrals because it is so many and that never happens! I have a lot of faith in this area.  Hopefully next week I will have great miracles to share with everyone. 
I didn't realize it would be so hard to say goodbye to the people of Dickinson.  Here are a couple of my favorite families.
The Michaelis bunch.  So photogenic!
Eliseo was at work but this is his Mom and brother. 
 I love this family with all my heart!

Opening an area is hard work. Want to know what will make my week? Letters. :) My new address is 15962 highway 200 Fairview, Montana 59221.

Love you all,

Sister Park

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