Monday, August 3, 2015

Faith is not having Perfect Knowledge

District 3 in the Glendive Zone
 Hello! This last week was a really good one! I have two really cool stories to share! :)

First story! So on Saturday we got into town and all of our appointments were falling through and we weren't really sure where we needed to go. Sister Miles had a thought pop in her head that we should go to Culbertson. Culbertson is a tiny town in our area about 30 minutes away. It was the first of the month so we really didn't want to go use a lot of miles already, but we felt prompted to. So we pulled over and prayed about it before we went. We got the confirmation that we should go. We really were not sure what we would do once we got to Culbertson because we didn't have anyone we were teaching or any potential investigators up there; but we did have one referral to contact, so we just went, knowing the Lord would provide. 

It was about 100 degrees that day -which is very rare up here by the way- so on the way to Culbertson, I silently prayed the entire time that it would rain or something to keep us cool. Well there weren't any clouds so I asked that the wind would blow really hard and blow in a storm from somewhere.  Well the rain wasn't happening and it really wasn't very windy either.  Just hot. So we get to Culbertson and it is still extremely hot. We contacted the referral and they weren't interested at all so we decided to try an older less active lady. Well, she didn't answer. 

Finally we decided to go tract somewhere.  We didn't really want to because of the heat but we were willing to and we already drove all the way there so tracting it was. I pulled up to an intersection and planned to turn left because that's where all the houses were.  But something told me I should turn right so I did.   Now we are in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing but a couple of really small trailer houses.  We sat there for a second and then felt prompted to knock on one of them.  A cute young girl in her twenties opened up and we asked her if we could share a message with her.  She seemed a little open so we stood on her porch and talked a little.  Then out of no where, the big strong winds we prayed for finally came and started blowing super hard!  So she let us in the house to get out of the wind.  We taught her the restoration and set up a return appointment because she wants to learn more!  It was great and our efforts definitely felt worth it.  

After that appointment we went back to Sidney to get ready for Tessa's baptism. It was honestly the biggest crowd I have ever seen at a baptism.  The entire stake loves this girl so much.  The chapel was completely filled all the way back through the overflow. It was so beautiful and she is so happy. Her parents were there and they were very happy for her.  We invited them to church and they both came this time, not just Tessa's mom.  And they both stayed for all three hours! Tonight we have our first lesson with them as a couple and we are so excited! 
Tessa is in the middle.  The guys in the picture are all the elders who taught her in the past. 
They are home from their missions now but traveled here to see Tessa be baptized.
Today we are also teaching "T" the less active member's wife that I told you about last week.  And then "S" the guy that we gave the church tour to who also wants us to teach his wife?  Well we invited him to come to church yesterday and he came!  We have another lesson with him on Tuesday. 
Faith is probably the one spiritual attribute that nearly all of us will struggle with our entire lives. This can make keeping a strong testimony difficult since our testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ are based on faith.  One day we will have a perfect knowledge of things but for now we rely on faith.  In Ether chapter 3 we read about the brother of Jared. The brother of Jared needs light for the boats so he asks the Lord to touch the stones and make them glow. He had tremendous faith.  Now remember the definition of faith is to not have a perfect knowledge of things but still believe.  The brother of Jared had so much faith that he saw the finger of the Lord when He touched the stones to give them light.  Then in verse 19 it says that "he had faith no longer, for he knew, nothing doubting."  He didn't need faith anymore because he now had a perfect knowledge of the Lord.  Very few people have a perfect knowledge and that is okay. It is okay to not have a perfect knowledge.  Faith is required and is something we must continue to work on.  A perfect knowledge will only come "after the trial of your faith" just like the scriptures say. 

I know this gospel is true and I love seeing the happiness it brings people. 
Sister Park
I caught this fish on p-day last week but it swallowed the hook and died
so I didn't throw it back.

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