Thursday, August 13, 2015

With Faith, All Things are Possible

Me and Mickey going to church
Hi! This week was great! Very eventful! So I didn't get to email until today because I went to mission leadership council on Monday and Tuesday. I must start out by saying... I am NOT a leader type of person and I am so nervous to give a training this week at Zone Training Meeting. But I received a blessing and I know that everything will be okay. 

All the North Dakota Bismarck mission Sister Training Leaders at MLC

Quick update on investigators
On Tuesday we taught "R", our investigator who is working to overcome a tobacco addiction. He finally understands why the restoration is so important. He seems a little nervous yet excited for his baptism next month.  He has been coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon and really loves it.

T's parents are still coming to church and excited to learn more.  We are teaching them tonight.  T's mom has been reading the gospel principles book and Ensigns and asks lots of really good questions.  I love teaching them and can't wait for tonight's lesson.

A's wife, T, is still coming to church and praying to know if the church is true.  She has been saying that she really wants to be sealed to A and looks forward to when that can happen.

S is still coming to church and loves it.  He wants to set a baptism date but would like to discuss it more with his wife who just moved here with their son first which is understandable of course.

Cool stories
About a month ago we were tracting and came upon a little trailer. I had a feeling to knock on it so we did. An older lady answered and slammed the door on us. She thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses because they usually have female missionaries.  She didn't think we were LDS because she thought all our missionaries were men.  Well then she started watching BYU TV out of the blue after we were there that day and the program she watched talked about sister missionaries in the LDS church.  She had know idea our church had girls serving missions; but her turning on the TV and watching this program out of the blue was Heavenly Father's way of telling her who we were. So she went and found a neighbor who she knew was LDS and asked her if she could track us down and invite us over.  She loved watching BYU TV and she LOVES the church.  She is very old and has a lot of health problems and we noticed she needed lots of help around her place so we have been helping her with cleaning and some other things that need to be done and this week we will teach her the first lesson.  
Another cool story. Friday night we were tracting and knocked on a door.  There were mixed feelings because we felt like this home wouldn't want us there but that we needed to knock on the door anyway.  A fifteen year old girl answered and there was something special about her.  I knew she was the reason we were there.  She told us she wanted to talk to us but it wasn't a good time and asked us to come back the next day, so we did. We taught her the restoration.  She listened to every word and cried during the first vision. The spirit was so strong it is hard to describe but I knew she had been prepared to receive the message that day. She was staying the weekend at her great-grandparent's house.  We talked about the Book of Mormon and her great grandma came out in the middle of it and yelled at us and kicked us out.  It made "B" really sad but she gave us her number and address. She agreed to read the Book of Mormon and is so sincere about learning. I hope everything works out with her. I know we were led to her for a reason.
By Sunday I was exhausted! I had a terrible migraine and was running a fever. We were in the middle of teaching a lesson and I was so sick I couldn't even talk or think! But my amazing companion who has only been out for eight weeks led the rest of the lesson.  I said a couple of things but she did great. After that, I went and took a nap before our next lesson.  I got chastised by our Zone Leaders for pushing myself too hard and not taking breaks.  But there is so much work to do here in Sidney that I don't feel like I have time.  If you don't mind, please pray that I will have the strength to work hard in spite of this illness.  There is such an urgency to help Christ accomplish His work.  I feel it every day!
I am so sorry to hear about Ace.  I haven't met him yet but I know the twins love him so much.  Mom, please share with them the story of Nephi building the ship in 1 Nephi chapter 17.  In verses 50 and 51, it says:

51 And now, if the Lord has such great power, and has wrought so many miracles among the children of men, how is it that he cannot instruct me, that I should build a ship?

 52 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said many things unto my brethren, insomuch that they were confounded and could not contend against me; neither durst they lay their hands upon me nor touch me with their fingers, even for the space of many days. Now they durst not do this lest they should wither before me, so powerful was the Spirit of God; and thus it had wrought upon them.
Discuss these scriptures with the twins and talk about what they mean.  Nephi was able to accomplish what the Lord asked him to because of his incredible faith.  With faith, all things are possible. This will be a good time for the twins to really learn about faith first hand. 
Then read Alma 31: 31. This is my favorite.
31 O Lord, my heart is exceedingly sorrowful; wilt thou comfort my soul in Christ. O Lord, wilt thou grant unto me that I may have strength, that I may suffer with patience these afflictions which shall come upon me, because of the iniquity of this people.
Point out that Alma didn't pray for his circumstances to be changed, but for the strength to get through the hard time. The twins can have faith that Ace will be ok while also praying to accept whatever happens.
There are more good scriptures to help teach this concept but since the twins are young, two scriptures are probably enough.

Invite them to pray and ask specific questions or for specific blessings. And of course explain what that means! Let them know that God's plan is perfect and that he knows better than all of us. Let them know that I love them and that it is my testimony that if we have faith, all things are possible. :)

Love, Sister Park

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