Monday, September 14, 2015


We received transfer calls this morning.  I have been so nervous for this because I am not ready to leave.  We are on the verge of so many baptisms and I feel so attached to this area.  Mainly because when Sister Miles and I got here there was nothing happening.  No one was being taught and there were no investigators.  So... I am STAYING IN SIDNEY! I was really worried I would be transferred since Sister Miles is done training.  But we have been so blessed here and there is so much work that they have decided to split our area! Sister Miles and I will each get new companions. I will still be the Sister Training Leader for this area but I a getting used to the task and I am actually very excited about this.

This last week we got to teach J, Tessa's mom twice! She is doing great. We showed her the restoration video and invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. We asked if she would have any problems believing that Joseph Smith is a prophet. She said before, yes, but now, no. She is starting to really know it is true.  In fact, she would be baptized if her husband was on board. Please pray for Tessa's dad that his heart will soften.

R is doing amazing! He missed his baptismal date for Saturday because he is working on overcoming an issue; but that was just what he needed to realize how badly he wants to be baptized, so now he will be baptized Wednesday! :) I am so happy for R. 

C, the lady from Show Low that we met at church a couple of weeks ago is back from her stay in Arizona and we will begin teaching her this week.   

I know I already told you this last week but I am overwhelmed by how special this area is.  The Fort Peck Indian Reservation is in Poplar, an area about 30 miles from Sidney and is covered by the elders.  This is a really cool story about Poplar- Many years ago Elder Ballard's grandfather, Melvin J. Ballard served a mission right here in the Poplar and Sidney area. Actually the mission was huge like this one only bigger and was called the Northern States Mission.  But he spent a lot of his time right here in this area and was very instrumental in bringing the gospel to the Sioux and Assiniboine Indians on the Fort Peck Reservation.  One time when Elder Ballard was traveling through this area on a train, he passed by a bunch of teepees and decided to get off at the nearby train station to go meet with the Indians there.  When they saw him walk up, they were overwhelmed with excitement and told him that many of them had dreams that he would be coming to their area to bring them some blue books. The books would be very valuable and they would be happy to receive them.  Elder Ballard was the same man they all saw in their dreams.  While Elder Ballard was there he felt like he should buy to pieces of property that he got for very cheap.  When he went back a short time later, the value of the land he purchased went up a huge amount so he sold it and he was able to purchase building supplies and land. He built a church and a boarding school and gave the Indians the Books of Mormons they had been waiting for from their dreams.  The area was called Chicken Hill and was right here in my zone.  It was right here on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation that Melvin J. Ballard had his vision of the Savior. I am so glad that I get to stay here a while longer!  I love this special area. It was an answer to my prayers for sure :) 

North Dakota was the last state in our country to have an organized stake.  Missionary work has always been very slow in this area.  It has been a hard mission for many reasons like little interest, harsh weather, culture issues with the Native Americans. But the work this mission has seen in the past few years will make history and I feel so blessed to be part of it.

Study the life of Christ.  Read Jesus the Christ, the New Testament especially the gospels.  Get to know the Savior as much as you possibly can and try to develop His attributes.  Accept His atonement.  He did it for you personally.  He knows you, He understands you, and He wants to bless you. Don't let your trials make you turn away from Him.  Use your trials to become closer to Christ and to Heavenly Father.  You might be having trials for that very purpose.  He will allow us to go through hard things if it means we will draw closer to Him.  Moses 1:39 "For this is my work and my glory; to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."  

I love you all.  Have a great week.

Sister Park

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Michelle said...

Thank you for your tender testimony. My son will be serving in the North Dakota Mission soon, What a blessing!