Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"It's always good weather where you are"

The cutest little girl in the world!

Me and Sister Richins
Hello from Fargo/Moorhead!

This week was fabulous! I went on exchanges with Sister Shaver, one of the sister training leaders. We stayed in Moorhead to try and find a less active woman named "C", who is actually an Ojibwe Indian from Cass Lake, Minnesota, which is the reservation right next to Bemidji. Cass Lake members attend the Bemidji ward so it was really cool talking to her about my beautiful first area! She taught me some words in Ojibwe and then came to church yesterday.  I love her!

It was a miracle that we even got in to see her because she lives in a locked apartment building that is always locked and no one can ever get into.  But we walked up and just tried to open the door and it was unlocked.  We decided to take it as a sign that we should tract inside the apartment building and we did just that.  We knocked on one door and met a lady named "B" and she let us in.  We taught her the restoration and showed her the Christmas initiative video, A Savior Is Born. She loved the lesson and the video.  She also loved that we leave our homes at such a young age to serve missions. She doesn't want to learn about the gospel yet but heard that we help people quit smoking and asked for our help with that. Gotta love New Year's when everyone sets resolutions and wants to quit stuff!

"It's always good weather where you are"
So, you know you are in North Dakota when it is 20 degrees outside with a slight breeze and people tell you, "enjoy the nice weather today!" I walked outside and said, "it is a nice day!"  But actually It wasn't a nice day at all- it was 20 degrees! But when you walk outside and your face and hands don't start burning and tingling and you can actually breathe, it's good weather in North Dakota/ Minnesota. In a talk by President Packer called, "some things every missionary should know," he talks about how it is always good weather where you are. It doesn't matter if it is super hot or if you are soaking wet or freezing. If the weather is bad, you're more likely to be let in someone's house. So it is always good weather in the mission field. ESPECIALLY when it is 20 degrees outside!  It is supposed to drop down to the zeros and negatives again soon... but It will still be good weather!

No growth in the Comfort Zone and no Comfort in the Growth Zone
I am really loving this area but I do miss the Fairview/Sidney area.  Transfers have been one of the hardest things for me on my mission.  But each time I go to a new area, I grow a little more.  It is nice to stay in our comfort zones but there is no growth in the comfort zone.  This includes our growth within the gospel.  If you want to grow and become closer to the Savior, you must step outside of what you are comfortable with.  If you have never spoken in church, get up and bear your testimony at the next fast and testimony meeting.  If there is a certain book in the scriptures you avoid reading because it seems hard to understand, get out a notebook and pen and go to work studying.  If you have never been through the temple, set a date to go through and work towards getting there.  Each of these things is given to us by a loving Heavenly Father to help us step outside of our comfort zones and grow a little more.  I can't think of anyone who has ever regretted pushing themselves to accomplish something that would only make them better.  We are on this earth to enjoy life but our main purpose for being here is to become more like God.  What are you doing right now in your life to fulfill your purpose?  Looking good, enjoying great entertainment, going on vacations are all fun but they will only bring momentary happiness.  At the end of our lives here on earth we will need to report on what we accomplished.  I hope we can all report on the important things and not only on those things that were comfortable or fun.  I know this is something I definitely need to work on.

Well I love you all! Thanks for all your support!

Love, Sister Park

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