Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Beltrami Avenue

Me and Sister Williams (my MTC companion) at Zone Conference
Hi everyone!  This week was so good.  We extended an invitation to "R" (our investigator from Tennessee) to be baptized and he accepted.  He is on date for March 21st and is working real hard to quit smoking right now.  We also started teaching another "R" who is 19.  We also invited him to be baptized and he said "I accept".  We are not sure about the day yet so we are going to pray about it and help him decide on a day sometime this week. 
"R" from Tennessee was at church again Sunday and he loved it.  He actually fasted.  We didn't invite him to or anything but we told him it was fast and testimony meeting so he just fasted on his own.  He is golden! 

We knocked on this door of this house and no one answered.  When we
walked around back we discovered why.
Last week was sort of trying and crazy and there were times that I wondered what Heavenly Father was trying to teach me.  On Monday night we had a dinner appointment at 6:00, a lesson at 7:00 and a lesson at 8:00.  But all three of them cancelled.  We were a little sad but it's ok because we went out and tracted instead.  We went to Beltrami Avenue.  I don't know if I have ever mentioned Beltrami Avenue or not.  Since I have been here we have had a lot of opposition on Beltrami Avenue.  There are too many stories to share right now.  Anyway, we are always led there by the spirit and every time we get there it's kind of scary.  People yell at us and have even called the cops on us.  However, Heavenly Father really wants us to tract that street. I think Satan really does not want us on that street so of course we go!  But sadly, when we ended up there on Monday night we had zero success.  So Tuesday rolls around and we had dinner at 6:00, an appointment at 7:00 and an appointment at 8:00 with three completely different people than the night before.  And what happened?  You guessed it- everyone cancelled.  So at this point, we KNEW Heavenly Father was pulling strings to get us back onto Beltrami Avenue so we went out to tract again.  Like always, we prayed before taking off and guess where the spirit led us?  Yep... Beltrami Avenue!!  Now we were a little annoyed. But we want to be obedient so we tracted and of course, nothing happened again.  Except this time we felt so much peace and love from Heavenly Father.  We knew that He was pleased with our obedience, diligence, and faith.  We also knew that He was teaching us something that night.  The rest of the week passed without too much excitement and then Sunday night... same thing.  We prayed about where we should go tracting and ended up on Beltrami Avenue again.  We assumed that it was another night where Heavenly Father was testing our faith so we willingly walked up and down the street knocking on doors expecting the night to end the same as Monday and Tuesday.  We were sure no one would answer their doors or let us in because the Superbowl was on right then.  But FINALLY we discovered why Beltrami Avenue was so important.  We knocked on a door and  a family invited us in to watch the Superbowl with them.  We are not supposed to watch the Superbowl but went inside because we really wanted to warm up and we also needed to teach this family.  So we taught them a whole lesson right there and gave them Books of Mormon and now we have three new investigators!  From this experience I learned that Heavenly Father has a purpose for every thing we do.  Sometimes we see a reason for what He inspires us to do and sometimes we don't.  But the main reason we are here is to learn and grow.  And sometimes He will ask us to do things and have us go through the motions just to teach us a valuable lesson.  I don't know what will happen with these three new investigators but I do know that Heavenly Father was doing a lot more than leading us to them when He kept sending us to Beltrami Avenue.  In D&C 31:11 it says, "Go your way whithersoever I will, and it shall be given you by the Comforter what you shall do and whither you shall go."  I know that if I do my best, pray, and have faith, Heavenly Father will continue to guide my path- not just to where I think He should send me but to where He needs me to go so I will grow and benefit the most.
I love you all!
Sister Park
Fargo and Grand Forks combined Zone Conference

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