Monday, February 9, 2015

Mormon Ninja Skills

On exchanges in Grand forks with Sister Mower and Elders Docking and Barber
Hello wonderful people!
The work in Bemidji is going great.  We have two investigators on date to be baptized on March 21st and couldn't be happier.
You're probably wondering why this letter is titled "mormon ninja skills."  Well let me explain...

So a long time ago, my second day in the mission field, Sister Springer and I got a call from the Minot, North Dakota sisters. They gave us a referral for a guy who lived in Minot and had just moved to Bemidji. His name is Jim. We called Jim and set up an appointment but he didn't show up and wouldn't answer his phone.  This continued to happen four times so Sister Springer and I just figured he wasn't interested and kind of forgot about it...well, sort of.  We never stopped thinking about him and it always bothered me. I was so sad and wanted it to work out with Jim even though I had never even met him. Fast forward to about five weeks ago when my new companion, Sister Haycock, came along. She was the sister in Minot that called us about Jim! Crazy, right? Yeah. She asked about Jim right away and I told her the sad story, but I also told her that I couldn't stop thinking about it. We both agreed that we would try to get in contact with him again. So we called and he actually answered so set up an appointment and.... he didn't show up.  But we didn't want to give up and felt prompted to keep trying.  We set up another appointment and this time we knew it wouldn't fail.  We were right and after five months of waiting to meet Jim, we finally did and it was awesome. He told us how all of his best friends back in Colorado were members of the church. We taught him the restoration and when we got to the priesthood part of the lesson he got really excited. He said "So that's what it is!  We asked, "What?"  And he said, "Every Mormon has ninja powers! You can't even sneak up on them. It's like this crazy Mormon ninja skills thing. It must be the priesthood! I want it!" We were laughing so hard!  It's a funny story but he is very sincere and wants to learn more.  We are very excited to keep teaching him. In fact, we have another lesson with him today.

I know that God prepares people for us to find and He does it all in His own timing. Sister Haycock and I have been extremely blessed beyond belief for working so hard and staying diligent no matter what.  We have had some pretty hard, long, and cold days but they are so worth it.
A note to Jagger and Jersy
Hi twins! It is your big sister here. Sorry I haven't written you in a long time. I will try to be a better sister!

Jersy: sorry I didn't play with you enough and that I wasn't the best big sister in the world. I promise you though, beautiful princess, that when I get home we will play barbies until our eye balls fall out! or we will do whatever you like to do at age nine :) I cannot believe you're turning nine this year! I want you to know that I tell everyone about my beautiful sister that sings like an angel :) you're the best girl ever! love you! write me a letter please! I don't go home for a while and I love it here so much that I don't even want to come home yet, but do remember, I get home in a little over a year. It seems like a long time but I will be home before you turn 10! Love you sweet girl!
Jagger: Hi, Elder buddy bo! You're so awesome. You look so handsome in braces. I bet all the girls chase you on the playground. You're the best brother I have ever had and I always cry whenever I think about Mario Kart because I miss playing it with you so so so much. I hope you sing really loud in primary and I hope you're always the best boy. Remember not to spend too much time on computers or tv and to always do things that will bring you closer to Jesus Christ. He loves you and wants you to go on a mission one day. I will see you in a little over a year and we will play Mario Kart. I love you buddy:)
A Poem that I wrote for Mom
"Dear Mom. I just want you to know
I'm knocking on doors while it's 20 below
I see eyes through the window, they just sit and stare
hardly anyone answers, almost nobody cares.

I keep on walking with a slightly broken heart
my new cute boots are already falling apart
my socks are all wet and I can't feel my toes
no one thinks much of it because nobody really knows.

People ask us why we do what we do
I say "If Christ were here, it's what he would do"
so that is my focus when my nose hairs are frozen
that "many are called, but few are chosen."

Don't worry though mom, it's just the weather
I'm doing the Lord's work and there is nothing better
It doesn't matter how cold, it's worth it in the end
I do it all for my Savior, Redeemer, and Friend

His will is my will, that's just how it is
as I put on my tag with my name and His
sometimes it's difficult but I'm starting to learn
why my Father in Heaven has called me to serve

Sure, I'm hungry, tired, and cold
and my shoes are torn, scuffed, and old
but the holes in my gloves don't matter much
when I witness a heart being changed by Christ's love

The only greater feeling than the Savior's love for me
is doing my best to go and feed His sheep
There's a reason, Mom, I was sent to this town
This place is what my call to serve is all about."
I have been focusing my studies on King Benjamin's speeches in Mosiah.  The best part and what keeps me going every day no matter how cold, tired, or hungry I get is this:
"And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."
If we could all remember that every day, we would find joy in serving everyone- even our enemies.

I love you all. Have a great week and happy Valentine's Day!

Sister Park

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